We are very proud to have successfully provided solutions to many clients in various industries.

Here are a few examples to give you an insight into our capabilities.

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For all the projects I was either the sole engineer of the principal engineer responsible for the success of the entire project.

This include full or major responsiblity for the Electronic Design and full or major responsibility for the Software Design and Implemenation.

Remote Montoring/Control System - Montoring and Control of Equipment in Remote Locations. GSM, SMS Control & Reportiting, FreeRTOS, Remote Firware Updates, Analgure & Digital I/O control and monitoring

MPPT Battery Charger User Interface - Windows Based Graphical User Interface

Security Communication Gateway - GPRS/GSM back to base reporting via ContactID, PSTN input. I was responsible for some Electronic Design as well as all Software Design and Implemenation.
- ARM 7 Microcontroller, GSM, GPRS, ETHERNET, PSTN, AES128 encryption, Contract ID, Ademco High Speed, uIP/wIP TCP/IP, FreeRTOS, Remote firware updates

Nurse Call Bedside Unit - Atmel Microcontroller, IR TV code Encoding/decosing, Long Distance Audio Transmission, Industrial Design, Plastics, Keymat, Design for Manufacturability

Data Centre Power Montoring & Reporting System - Data Centre Power Monitoring at the Rack Level.
- Windows Based Graphical User Interface, SQL Server, Reporting, Power Measurement, MODBUS

Rowing Machine Computer - I was responsible for all Electronic Design as well as all Software Design and Implemenation. - Atmel Microcontrolelr , low power consumption, custom LCD, Keypad, Plastics, mathematically modelling of rowing machine, algorythm development, hall effect speed sensor monotoring, USB commuactions, In field Firmware Updates, CTick and FCC appriovals, Design for Manufacture, Intial Production Manufacture.

Interactive Multimedia EFT/POS Terminal - This product was developed for a client in the Financial Services Industry. The terminal consisted of a full graphical display,  keypad, barcode reader, RF ID Reader, Mifare Reader and communicated with the Host Servers via the internet using a GSM/GPRS.
I was responsible for all Electronic Design as well as all Software Design and Implemenation. - Atmel Microcontroller, GSM, GPRS, Gragical LCD, Keypad, WAV Player, Barcode Reader, MIFARE, HID proxy card reader

Access Control LCD Keypad & iButton Reader - This product was developed for a Security Client. The system consisted of a Grahical LCD display, Keypad and Dallas iButton reader.   A unique feature of the product was a fully graphical menuing system (similar to mobile phone look and feel) which was developed by me.   To meet all requiremnets is was necessary to write to as well as read from the iButton.
I was responsible for all Electronic Design as well as all Software Design and Implemenation.

Short Range RF Link (2.4GHz) -

'Keyless Entry' Key Fob (433/868MHz) -

'Alarm Dialler' Receiver - Atmel Microcontroller, PSTN Contact ID, Ademco High Speed, Software Signal Processing, Alarm decoding and reporting

Revolutionary Gaming Platform - Hitachi SH4 32-bit embedded platform. C/C++. Gaming Industry, Regulatory approvals, RTOS, High integrity system. Cion Handling, Cash handling, 'banker', ticket printer, hardware debug.

Residential Care Monitoring and Reporting System - Windows Based Graphical User Interface, Jet Database (Access) Crystal Reports, Data gathering via RS232 serial comms, Call Response Time Reporting.

iButton Tag Reader/Data Logger - This product was developed for a Security Client. It was a battery powered device that was used by Security Guards whilst on patrol.  The device would log the time and date if each iButton that was touched by the guard as they did their 'rounds'.  The purpose of the device is to record and verify the attendace of the guard at each location that is to be patrolled.
PC based software was written in C++ & VB to allow the records to be trasferred from the device to a PC. Various Reports were implemented. I was responsible for all Electronic Design as well as all Software Design and Implemenation for the device as well as the PC based software.
- Atmel microcontroller, low powered operation, reading of iButton and storage. High speed Data transfer vai serial comms, RTC, data compression.

Machine Control and Reporting System -

Security Control Room Monitoring System - Windows Based Graphical User Interface, Ademco 685 Receiver recoding

Multi Zone Alarm Control Panel with Dialler - embedded system, high reliablity system, signal porecssing, keypad, lcd, RS485 comms

Security/Access Control Keypad - keypad, lcd, low resources embedded system,

Industrial Message Display Unit - LED matrix dispaly, RS485 networking

Vehicle Monitoring System - Embeded system, data logging, HID acces control, measure and log acceleration, detect vehicle 'bump', driver tarcking and authentication via HID proxy card and/or PIN entry via keypad, electrcally noisy environment, control of vehcle start. Electronic design.

IR Based Communication Link - A client required a proprietary, short line of sight link - IT encoding.decoding, elctrnic design

Player Tracking/Management System -

RFID Asset Tracking and Reporting System -

Baggage Handling Control System -

Warehouse Control System -